Buying The COST of Waiting to Buy Do rising interest rates have you thinking twice about purchasing a home?  You might think again.  Waiting to purchase could cost you thousands in lost equity.  Below is an example. Every buyer’s circumstances are different of course so call me. Let’s talk about it and run the numbers for you.
Buying The 4 Most Common Mortgage Programs Choosing the right loan is EXTREMELY important when considering a mortgage! If you’re considering entering the market this spring, here’s a breakdown of the numbers on four of the most used loan types. Want to talk? Click About Me→Contact Page.
Buying Is it Your Time to Dream? Is It Your Time To Dream? We Think So and I’d Be Honored to Help You or Someone You Know Fulfill That Dream. Click anywhere for 30 seconds of inspiration.
Selling Thinking About Selling? This is the Seller’s market that could make YOU a lot of money! If you’re thinking about selling- let’s talk! #sellersmarket #thinkingaboutselling #sellinghome #realestate #interestrates #buyrealestate #sellrealestate #realestatestats #closingcosts #iloverealestate #realestatestyle #allthingsrealestate #realtormomlife #realtorboss #realestatenews #realtoring #realtortips
Stats Today’s Average Down Payment Is Lower Than You Think The real estate market has changed. Here’s a look at 4 trends expected to continue in 2022! If you know anyone considering selling OR buying property, start them out in the right direction. Connect them with a trusted professional.  It doesn’t matter where they live. It would be my honor to help guide their journey. […]
Stats 2021 Year in Review 2021 was a year that we saw a LOT of change in the real estate industry! Here’s a look at some stats that show just how wild a ride it was! If you know anyone, anywhere considering buying or selling a home, start their journey out on the right path. Connect them with a trusted […]
Tech How to Create a Disposable email Address Way too much of our personal information is being sold every day.  If you’re tired of your email inbox being loaded with spam, or worse, there ARE things you can do to regain some control.  Here’s a simple idea: Create a throwaway email account.   This article courtesy of Kurt Knutsson at He’s a favorite. […]
Tech Love Gift Cards? Don’t Get Scammed This article courtesy of Kurt Knutsson at He’s a favorite. Highly suggested follow. Three common and growing scams and how to protect yourself this gift giving season.
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